Cat Said to Be ‘Unsocialized’ at Shelter Changes Completely When Kind People Open Their Home to Her Kittens

A cat who was said to be “unsocialized” at the shelter, completely changed when kind people opened their home to her kittens.

cat nursing kittensVioletta the catEllen Richter

Last week, a cat was found outside with a litter of kittens, struggling to survive. They were taken into the county shelter, but the cat mother was so stressed that she appeared agitated and unsocialized.

Knowing that the shelter environment wasn’t ideal for the feline family, staff reached out to local animal rescues for help. Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions didn’t hesitate to take them on, and their foster volunteer, Ellen Richter, set up a comfortable, quiet space to welcome the family.

Ellen anticipated a feral mom, but when the cat came out of the carrier in foster care, everything changed.

happy smiley catEllen Richter

“I expected an unsocialized mama, but she’s a sweetheart,” Ellen shared.

The cat named Violetta turned out to be incredibly friendly and affectionate. She was under enormous stress at the shelter, trying to keep her kittens safe. The moment she set foot in her foster home, she relaxed and even began to purr.

cat asking for attentionShe immediately walked up to her foster mom for pets and attentionEllen Richter

She quickly settled into her new space and started nursing her kittens in a cozy nest lined with soft blankets. Above the nest was a platform which she used as the perfect lounging area without losing sight of her babies.

What surprised Ellen the most was how enamored Violetta was with her. In no time, the cat was rubbing against her and climbing onto her lap for cuddles.

affectionate cat momEllen Richter

Around the time of their arrival, the rescue took in an orphaned one-day-old gray kitten who had been found in someone’s backyard. The tiny neonate was in desperate need of a mother’s love.

Violetta’s ears perked up instantly when she heard the cries of the new baby. “She immediately started taking care of him as her own.”

cat nursing newborn kittensEllen Richter

The sweet cat mom spends most of her time nursing her demanding five and keeping them clean from head to toe.

But when Ellen comes into the room, she will get up from the comfort of her nest to greet her, insisting on sitting on her lap or being close to her for extra head scritches.

happy affectionate catEllen Richter

“She’s extremely friendly, giving me kisses and wants to cuddle in my lap. She’s stunning and beautiful.”

Despite being a week younger than his siblings, the gray kitten, Florian Bloom, can hold his own when he nurses alongside the other kittens. He likes to wriggle atop the snuggle pile and outstretch his arms for a big hug.

tiny newborn kittensEllen Richter

The bigger kittens are starting to waddle around the nest as they are opening their eyes and getting more inquisitive about their surroundings.

If they make a peep, Violetta will come running to tend to their needs.

cat watching kittensEllen Richter

Violetta is overjoyed knowing that her kittens are safe. The wariness in her eyes has faded since she left the shelter, and it’s been replaced with contentment.

She continues to “thank” her foster mom each day by hopping onto her lap, and the nursery room is constantly brimming with her rumbling purrs.

cat nursing kittensEllen Richter

With a foster home and a dedicated carer, Violetta is able to let her guard down and be her loving, affectionate self. She has such an ease about her that looks as if she is constantly smiling.

smiley cat nursing kittensEllen Richter

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