“Feline’s Second Chance at Love: The Tale of a Resilient Cat’s Journey to Finding Forever Humans”

This adorable ginger feline had a rough start in life as he was surrendered not once, but twice, leaving him feeling blue and disoriented. However, when he finally discovered a family that he connected with, he clung to them tightly and refused to let them slip away from his paws. Allow me to introduce you to the one and only Aslan!

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, located in Elkhart, Indiana, has been helping abandoned pets find their new homes. One of their recent rescues, Aslan, was brought in by his previous family who couldn’t keep him any longer. This affectionate ginger cat is always ready to share his thoughts and loves to be pampered with attention from humans. The rescue group posted pictures of Aslan on their Facebook page and he was quickly adopted within a few days. However, the adoption didn’t go as planned, and Aslan is still looking for a loving forever home.

The non-profit organization, Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, shared a heartwarming story about a cat named Aslan who was brought back to the shelter by his adoptive family. The rescue emphasized that it was not the feline’s fault and they were determined to find him a permanent home. Despite feeling confused and lost for the second time, Aslan’s rescuers never gave up hope and believed that good things come when you least expect them.

The organization called Here Kitty Kitty Rescue was contacted by Kristi Curtis regarding a feline named Aslan. Kristi had been keeping up with Aslan’s story and was already an adopter of one of the cats from the rescue. Upon viewing a video featuring Aslan, her family became enamored with the ginger feline. Upon learning that Aslan had been surrendered a second time, Kristi knew she had to rescue him.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue The following day, the author and her daughter went to collect Aslan. As soon as the ginger cat met his new owners, he became affectionate and didn’t want to leave their side. He even managed to escape from his carrier in the car and snuggled up on the daughter’s lap. The author expressed her delight at welcoming Aslan into their family.

Kristi Curtis shared that they made contact with the family who took care of Aslan for a year prior to his surrender. The family expressed their happiness knowing that Aslan is now in good hands and they can still keep up with his adventures and updates. Curtis also mentioned that she learned some endearing details about Aslan, such as his fondness for rings from milk cartons and his habit of crying at a closed window during winter because he loves it open.

Kristi Curtis shared that Aslan is an affectionate cat who loves to cuddle. According to Kristi, Aslan enjoys laying on people’s feet and having his belly rubbed. He even goes as far as flopping down on the ground to get his belly rubbed. Additionally, Aslan has a distinctive meow, which Kristi describes as a squeak.

Kristi Curtis shared a heartwarming story about a cat named Aslan who is a perfect example of why adopting pets is better than buying them. Aslan’s story is truly amazing! You can even hear his cute, squeaky meow by clicking the link.

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