Obsessed Feline: Meet the Cat Who Refuses to Let Go of His Beloved Bottle

Taking care of orphaned kittens can be challenging for most people, but cat enthusiasts are equipped to handle the task. These little felines require round-the-clock attention and warmth to survive the harsh conditions they face.

Caring for kittens can sometimes result in unintentional spoiling, which may lead to the development of bad manners in cats.

Meet Okaki, a little kitty who was left all alone by her mother. Fortunately, some compassionate individuals came to her rescue and decided to take care of her.

On multiple occasions during the day, Okaki was given milk through a bottle. As a result, he began associating the bottle with food and would request it whenever he saw it. He even developed a unique meow specifically for when he wanted the bottle, which his owners soon learned to recognize as a sign of hunger.

As Okaki matured and outgrew his need for the bottle, he continued to request it as it brought him immense joy to feed from it. It was a source of comfort and happiness for the little cat.

Sometimes, he would go to great lengths just to get his paws on the delicious treat, even attempting to scale the nearest towel. Nothing could stop him from reaching his goal of satisfying his hunger.

Fortunately, he no longer requires formula as he has grown into a large, adult cat. However, his family will always cherish fond recollections of him as a tiny, begging kitten who was unaware of how to mature. Adorable!

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