14-Year-Old Boy Saves Cat Tos.sed Out A Car Window. Now, Cat Can’t Stop Clinging To Him. 0hh

Good job, young man! You are an earth angel…!

Kitties no dummy! Knows a good thing when he sees it!

The boy named Gavin Orlowski of Michigan was crossing a bridge with his mother when he heard her ga.sp in ho.rr.or. Someone in a van ahead of them had just [tos.sed] a gray tiger cat out the window. Before they could identify the van, it took off and dis.appe.ared into traffic.

As Gavin jumped out of the car, the te.rrif.ied cat began to scamper around between other cars, and then, the cat was hanging off the overpass. He was able to grab him and get him back into the car before he was h.i.t.

A Hero you are young man …

The [fri.ght.ened] cat was so [tra.uma.tized] that he huddled in Gavin’s coat, re.fusing to leave his side. The boy and his mother decided to take him to “BluePearl Animal Hos.pital”.

Fortunately, the cat was otherwise [unh.urt] and in good health. He quickly recovered.

Gavin and his mother adopting the cat, they named him Lucky.
This sweet kid shows that not all humans are mon.sters.

Thankyou for having such a huge heart. So precious!

So glad he was rescued!! Kitty will love you forever. You are his hero.

You found your FUREVER home!!

This young man is this fur baby’s forever guardian angel. Hope you and your buddy have many years of happiness.

God bless you little man you have a very big heart!

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