Meet Albert, The Cutest Munchkin Cat With a Unique “Skull” Nose. 0h

He’s an Instagram-famous munchkin cat with beautiful blue eyes and an adorable attitude.

albert 2

He has already amassed a staggering 467,000 followers on Instagram alone.

albert 3

Some days Albert is a homebody and likes to stay in. On other days he likes to take his scooter out but always remembers to wear his helmet because safety comes first!

albert 4

Albert is a kitty who loves to get dressed up and has a wardrobe full of his favorite outfits.

albert 5

He loves to be frisky and wear the latest fashions.

albert 6

Let’s take a deeper look into his unusual Instafamous life…

albert 7
albert 8
albert 10

One look into his eyes and you’ll be smitten!

albert 11
albert 12
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