Oliver – Ragdoll Kitten

This is Oliver! Oliver is a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll and was born 5-11-2017. Oliver was adopted (purchased) from AdorableDolls Ragdolls, Roseville, CA. I finally got the sweet Ragdoll I had dreamed of for 10 years! I had researched and read about Ragdolls for years, seeing how sweet and mild tempered they were and wanted one so badly. I would definitely recommend Carol Jaquez at AdorableDolls to purchase your Ragdoll from! She cares deeply about who adopts her babies and will go to great lengths to make sure you get the Ragdoll of your dreams!

And Oliver is exactly what I had hoped for and so much more! He is sweet, and smart as a whip, and has so many facial expressions and he is adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever had a kitty with so many facial expressions! Even when he is doing something he knows he isn’t supposed to do, I have trouble correcting him as the look on his face is hilarious!

He has many toys, and his favorites are probably the “balls in a box” and the “cubes with a tunnel”. He has taken the “balls in a box” to a whole other level though. Most of my kittens before bat the balls in the box around and are entertained. Oliver has learned to push the balls out the side of the box! He puts his face in the holes to see where the balls are, then pushes them out the holes in the side of the box, then pops his head up to see if the ball came out! Some of the balls have holes in them or are made of cloth, and those he can pick up and put back in the box! I have a video of him pushing 4 balls out and putting one ball back in if you are interested! Adorable!!

Oliver would also climb a ladder at 12 weeks of age! I had climbed my large kitchen stepstool to water plants high up, and turned around and there was Oliver right behind me! Oliver also has learned to fetch! I noticed he would carry his favorite toys around, so started throwing them for him and telling him to bring them back to me. He now totally has the gist of what we are doing, but most times takes the “scenic route” when bringing the toy mouse or ball back to me to throw it again.

And like any toddler, I can count on him to bring me what he wants me to throw while I am on the phone!! Also his favorite toy lately is the cubes with a tunnel. It is filled with balls, kind of like a bouncy house for children. He has a great time running thru the tunnel and cubes with the balls flying everywhere! I have to constantly interrupt my conversation and say “good boy Oliver!”. He is now working on trying to get along with his “sister”, Sunny. Sunny is a 9 yr. old Orange Tabby. Sunny is fine with Oliver being here, but is not fine with him jumping on her! So we are slowly working on that. We are making progress, but we aren’t there yet!

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