Scientists unearth felis salamandra a cat breed with stunning patterns.thi

Felis Salamandra Cat Is It Real

Felis Salamandra Cat Is It Real:- Felis Salamandra is a Shiny Black cat with rare yellow sports and yellow Eyes.

Currently, the cat is viral on the internet, and people are now wondering if the cat is real.

According to Twitter Images, this cat is a shiny black cat with rare yellow spots and piercing yellow eyes sitting on a tree branch.

Twitter user @UnionRebelMs shared Salamandra’s pictures and captioned the post:

“Incredibly beautiful Félis Salamandra (Wild Cat).”

Felis Salamandra Cat Is It Real?

Felis Salamandra Cat Is It Real

Many People Want to know about Felis Salamandra Cat Is It Real, According to the news, Felis Salamandra Cat is not real, the photos of Felis Salamandra Cat are fake.

Felis’s cat went viral earlier this year and had snake-like skin instead of fur and the same yellow spots.

Felis Salamandra also circulating on Facebook where a caption read:

“Discovery of Felis Salamandra, a rare subspecies of wild cat. Scientists recently announced the discovery of a new subspecies of a wild cat called Félis Salamandra. This subspecies is very rare as it is considered a subspecies of Asia’s little leopard and is endemic to a tropical mountainous region. Lost in a valley hard to access, which explains the late discovery.”

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