Witness the heartwarming tale of a stray cat who becomes a source of comfort for a bewildered puppy abandoned by its owners, showcasing the incredible bond between different animals

After his owners were forced to leave him behind, this tiny puppy found himself on the streets. Scared and confused, the helpless dog had nowhere to go, and he remained in front of the building he once used to live, hoping that his parents would eventually return. Thankfully, he found the comfort he was looking for in a stray cat, and that turned his heartbreaking story into a happy ending one!

Unfortunately for this adorable puppy, his owners were very sick and they were relocated to a senior care center. With no one to look after him, their dog ended up on the streets. But the loyal creature refused to leave, so for over six months he waited for his family, without a shelter over his head nor water or food. But at least, he found comfort in a stray cat, and that was more than enough for him to handle it!

Heartwarming footage shows the caring feline heartening up the confused dog. She can be seen placing her tiny paws around the puppy’s neck just like she’s encouraging him and inspiring him to keep his head up and move on. The cat continued to stay by the dog’s side, and the two were eventually both rescued.

“They hug to keep warm when they sleep together at night,” someone said. “Maybe they think they are in the same situation since they met on the street. They know they are different, but they get along well, they comfort each other.”

The neighbors noticed the two in front of the building, and since the rainy season approached, some of them teamed up and build a shelter to keep them safe and protect them against the elements. They even provided them food and water. While the puppy was always friendly with everyone, his feline friend didn’t enjoyed human presence too much.

“They don’t leave here looking at something in the same place,” one of the residents said. “The strange thing is that every time people pass by, the dog tries to check everyone’s face, unlike the cat that runs away.”

For more than six months, Meong and his cat friend Nyang, lived there, but it was getting colder and colder, and the residents feared they maybe won’t make it through the harsh winter, so a Good Samaritan arranged for the two to be taken to a local shelter.

Here’s the inspiring moment this caring cat offers her support to the confused puppy!

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