Cat Birthday

Beauty is on the Inside: A One-Eyed Cat’s Birthday

Today is my birthday! Another year older, though I still have eight lives left. As I lounge in my favorite patch of sun, I feel grateful, even if I’m not perfect. Some say a one-eyed cat like me doesn’t deserve love or attention. But when I reflect on this past year, I know I’m blessed.

Firstly, I’m blessed to have a comfortable home. My human makes sure I’m fed, watered, and sheltered – even adding ramps and other accessories to accommodate my disability. Not every cat with special needs gets this level of care. Having a human who accepts me as I am is a true gift.

I’m also blessed with unwavering affection. My human pets and cuddles me, speaking softly when I’m frightened. They comfort me on difficult days and forgive my clumsiness. Though our bond has imperfections, my human’s devotion uplifts me. I’m not defined by having one eye.

This past year, I achieved things once thought impossible! I learned my way around a rearranged house and rediscovered old pleasures like catnip and feather toys. While I can’t pounce like I used to, each baby step brings me confidence. My disability doesn’t have to limit my happiness.

The coming year brings uncertainty, but I’m ready to pounce. There will be trials, but also new adventures! On this birthday, I celebrate the cat I am, inside and out. I may not fit conventional standards of beauty, but I know I’m blessed with love. What matters most is the size of my heart, not my limitations.

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