Cat Birthday

Seventeen and Counting: A Birthday Wish

Today is my 17th birthday! Where does the time go? As I lounge in my favorite patch of sun, feeling wise and weathered, I’m filled with gratitude for making it this far. 17 is ancient for a cat, but I still have love and life in me. I hope this birthday brings warm wishes from all who know me.

Firstly, I’m blessed to still be healthy despite my advanced age. My senses aren’t what they used to be and my bones creak a bit, but my human gives me top-notch care. Regular vet visits, a special diet, and comfy napping spots keep me purring. Not every senior kitty is this lucky. Making it to 17 with vigor is a gift.

I’m also blessed to still feel needed. My human lets me groom them, snuggling close when they’re stressed. We comfort each other, in sickness and health. Our bond has only grown through the years, despite life’s ups and downs. I treasure being my human’s loyal companion into their elder years too.

This past year I’ve cherished little joys – naps in the sun, playtime with catnip mice, mealtime cuddles. An older cat like me relishes each pleasant moment. Every purr and head rub reminds me that, while my time left is uncertain, I’m still surrounded by love.

Who knows what adventures my 18th year will hold? Maybe I’ll take up a new hobby! As long as I have my caring human by my side, I’m excited for whatever lies ahead. On this birthday, I celebrate the connections that give life meaning. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for 17 wonderful years. I can’t wait to share more with you, my loyal friends.

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